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  1. Colloque international "Climat Scolaire & réussite à l'école"

    University Israël - School violence and atypical schools School climate to improve schools Jonathan Cohen

  2. Communications des chercheurs en poste à l'ESPE - Année 2018

    Kermen I. 2018 . Design and first use of a history of science-based resource to introduce basic concepts -L. Brewer Scott S. 2018 . Learner beliefs and engagement to learn A key factor for student involvement practices about the introduction of chemical formulas to determine teachers' needs. Présenté à ECRICE 3-6

  3. VOISE Anne-Marie

    Gasteiz Espagne 16-17 octobre 2014. Teaching EFL to very young learners a multi-modal approach Colloque Colloque international Early language learning theory and practice Ume Suède 12-14 juin 2014. La dimension Albane Cain Paris Le Manuscrit Université 2013. Roxy and Me Une approche multi-modale de l apprentissage de

  4. ADEN Joëlle

    Communications Aden J. 2017 . A Performative Approach to Translanguaging. 11th International Symposium on on Bilingualism.Bilingualism multiligualism and the new speaker. University of Limerick Ireland. 11-15 du 8e congre s mondial IDEA International Drama and theatre in Education Association Paris3 Sorbonne Classroom a Neuroscientfic Inquiry into Narratives and Second Language Education. Nanfei WANG Le bilinguisme

  5. Master 2 MEEF Pratiques et ingénierie de la formation Parcours Graduate Program Ecole socio-environnementale ELSE - Éduquer au développement durable : former à transformer les pratiques

    6 ECTS - ECUE 3.7.2 Research in Social Sciences and Humanities 20h - 3 ECTS Semestre 2 UE 4.1.1 Séminaire

  6. Chapitres d'ouvrage - Année 2019

    R. in press . Assessing and comparing handwriting skills of kindergarten and first grade pupils with Lognormality Principle and its Applications in e-Security e-Learning and e-Health. World Scientific Publishing with kinematic theory and lognormal models. In R. Plamondon A. Marcelli M. Ferrer Ballester Eds. The Lognormality Ouvrier-Buffet C. 2019 . Discrete Mathematics Teaching and Learning. In S. Lerman dir. Encyclopedia of Mathematics

  7. Chapitres d'ouvrage - Année 2017

    5 à 12 ans Some contributions on reading and writing for 5 to 12 year olds . In Actes du Symposium international

  8. Publications dans des colloques - Année 2016

    5 à 12 ans Some contributions on reading and writing for 5 to 12 year olds. In Actes du Symposium Internationale

  9. TORRE Ricardo

    institucional y comercial New approaches to translation in institutional and business settings Berne Peter Lang

  10. JOIGNEAUX Christophe

    consequence Framing and keying interaction in a French secondary classroom Learning Culture and Social Interaction questions and empirical studies Paris juin 2015 ISCAR International Society for Cultural-historical and Activity Teachers use of imagination to scaffold concept formation. The case of cause and consequence clauses in two literature Colloque International Litéracies and effective learning and teaching for all 9th International Conference LECTORES Living conditions literacy and reading skills from birth to entry into elementary school porté