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  1. Chapitres d'ouvrage - Année 2016

    PUFR éditions. Godfroy A-S. 2016 A History of the History of Gender Science in Burguete Maria Riesch Hauke

  2. JOIGNEAUX Christophe

    Taking a 360 view of the landscape of cultural-historical activity research The state of our scholarship Taking a 360 view of the landscape of cultural-historical activity research The state of our scholarship Taking a 360 view of the landscape of cultural-historical activity research The state of our scholarship C. Joigneaux Pedagogies of autonomy Dispositions and practices. The case of a French école maternelle Cinvestav Mexico Teachers use of imagination to scaffold concept formation. The case of cause and consequence

  3. Julia , Houston 2014

    la section française d AWTY International School of Houston a parfaitement comblé mes attentes. Nous de son cursus (ST2) à l’AWTY International School of Houston avec l’espoir de vivre une expérience à la

  4. Communications des chercheurs en poste à l'ESPE - Année 2018

    Design and first use of a history of science-based resource to introduce basic concepts of chemistry. Poster Studying ordinary teaching practices about the introduction of chemical formulas to determine teachers' Sciences et des techniques . European Society for the History of Science - 14 au 17 septembre 2018 - Londres Brewer Scott S. 2018 . Exploring pre-reflective 'use of self' in second language learning Vermersch's Explicitation Technique. 3ème conférence internationale Psychology of Language Learning PLL3 7-10 juin 2018. Université

  5. Programme Emee

    Allemagne Atelier Brückner Allemagne National museum of History Bulgarie Università Degli Studi Roma Tre National Museum of History National Museum of History

  6. Numérique : liens avec la recherche

    Me galakaki A. Robert A. Baccino T. 2016 . The impact of paper-based versus computerized presentation

  7. COUDERETTE Michèle

    problem-solving principles are explicitly addressed for the teaching of subtraction in swiss and french curricula Communication


    Ogbu s cultural and ecological theory and the schooling of ethnic minorities what relevance in French

  9. SAYAC Nathalie

    N. 2017 . Using didactic tools for studying the content of mathematical assessments an example with external assessments in primary school classes in France. The 18th annual AEA-Europe Conference Prague . SAYAC external assessments for improving assessment practices of primary school teachers a first study and some methodological Assessment in Mathematics Perspectives from around the Globe In M. Burton A. Cusi D. R. Thompson D. Wright

  10. GUIGNARD Laurence

    du XIXe siècle décembre 2018 Libido sciendi. The love of knowledge 1840-1900 Revue d histoire du XIXe 2020. Visual Culture of Amateurs in Science 1850 1950 European Society for History of Sciences Visual Material Toulouse 24 janvier 2019. Jules Pierrot-Deseilligny and the Société Astronomique de France Université de La Plata Material and Sensory Cultures of Science Bologne 31 août-3 septembre 2020. L Amateur au travail 1850-1950