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  1. MAYRARGUE Arnaud

    the importance of the epistemological point of view and of the context in Sciences the astronomical refraction . 5th International Conference of the European Society of History of Science is organized in Athens 1-3 Congress of Logic Methodology and Philosophy of Science Nancy July 19 26 2011 France An illustration of the Communications 24th International Congress of History of Science Technology and Medicine Manchester 21-28 refraction case during the 18th century. Congrès 2011 de la SFHST Nantes 2011 Organisation avec Hervé Ferrière


    Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Meeting of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education Veldhuis dir. . 2019 . Proceedings of the Eleventh Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Ouvrier-Buffet C. 2019 . Diagnosis tools of dyscalculia contribution of didactics of mathematics to numerical cognition N.M. Hogstad dir. Proceedings of INDRUM 2018 Second conference of the International Network for Didactic B.R Hodgson A. Kuzniak J-B. Lagrange dir. The Didactics of Mathematics Approaches and Issues. A Hommage

  3. COSTA François

    Strategy for Predictive Modeling of the Common-Mode Impedance of the Stator Coils in AC Machines IEEE Costa Optimization of the Driver of GaN Power Transistors Through Measurement of Their Thermal Behavior Houmam Moussa and Regis Meuret. Impact of the temperature of a power module on conducted EMI emitted Costa EMI-Based Current Voltage sensing for the Control of Power Electronic Converters IEEE Trans. Circuits F. Costa Using Laminated Metal Foam as the Top-Side Contact of a PCB-Embedded Power Die IEEE Electron


    2019 . Effects of valence and emotional intensity on the comprehension and memorization of texts in adults from concurrent recordings of postural and eye movements Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. Evidence from concurrent recordings of postural and eye movements. Journal of Experimental Psychology Learning Evidence from concurrent recordings of postural and eye movements. Journal of Experimental Psychology Learning Ballenghein U. Gounden Y. 2019 . Capturing Expert Knowledge of Mushrooms. SAGE Open 9 2 1-12. https doi.org 10.1177

  5. BREWER Stephen Scott

    une langue Brewer S. S. 2013 . Inquiring into the nature of belief Implications for Learner Autonomy Reflection DTEFLA 1992 University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate Teaching of English as a Foreign Language and Practice. In Burkert A. Dam L. Ludwig C. Eds. The Answer is Autonomy Issues in Language Teaching and et littérature françaises - M.M. 1985 University of Southern California Los Angeles études de piano classique

  6. WORMS Rym

    order parameters of a heavy tailed distribution co-auteurs Julien Worms 2011 Journal of Statistical Planning 2018 A Lynden-Bell integral estimator for extremes of randomly truncated data co-auteur J.Worms Statistics Letters Volume 109 106-117 2016 New estimators for the extreme value index under random right censoring Planning and Inference 141 8 2011 p 2769-2786 Estimation of second order parameters using Probability Weighted

  7. Chapitres d'ouvrage - Année 2019

    press . Assessing and comparing handwriting skills of kindergarten and first grade pupils with kinematic Plamondon A. Marcelli M. Ferrer Ballester Eds. The Lognormality Principle and its Applications in e-Security Teaching and Learning. In S. Lerman dir. Encyclopedia of Mathematics Education. Springer Cham. Pereira I.

  8. ODOUL Marie

    XIXe siècles 14th International Conference on the History of Language Sciences ICHoLS XIV Université Sorbonne-Nouvelle édition d'ICHoLS International Conference on the History of Language Sciences colloque organisé par le

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    mois 2012-2017 The role of adult education in supporting the de-institutionalisation of people with disabilities led to the adoption in 2009 of an EU-wide benchmark in basic skills which states that by 2020 the share social inclusion and employability in the knowledge society of the 21st century. Concerns about low student disabilities in the community. Coordinateur du projet Disability Federation of Ireland - 246 816 euros mathematics has been identified at EU level as one of the key competences for personal fulfilment active

  10. Articles à comité de lecture publiés dans des revues indexées - Année 2020

    delay in children with dyslexia at the end of primary school. Journal of Learning Disabilities. . Ballenghein from concurrent recordings of postural and eye movements Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. handwriting movements in a usual or unusual position effect of posture congruency on visual and kinesthetic motor