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  1. Programme EMEE : Activité 7, "Bridging the gap to the non-visitors"

    de piloting-ideas-from-the-emee-toolkits-from-object-lab-object-as-laboratory-to-text-lab-text-as-labo Programme EMEE : Activité 7, "Bridging the gap to the non-visitors"

  2. L'UPEC et l'INSPE dans The Conversation

    Le fonctionnement The Conversation Lancé en Australie en 2011 The Conversation est un nouveau média en site internet de The Conversation et proposé aux médias partenaires Le Monde Libération The Huffington post sujets en lien avec leurs travaux. Les avantages The Conversation offre une bonne visibilité aux universitaires participe au comité éditorial pour proposer des sujets. The Conversation fournira des données statistiques précises ainsi constitué. Vous souhaitez devenir auteur pour The Conversation France Pour devenir auteur il suffit L’UPEC est membre fondateur de The Conversation France, nouveau média en ligne qui a pour ambition de The Conversation The Conversation L'UPEC et l'INSPE dans The Conversation

  3. European Master of Arts (MA) in the teaching of German as a foreign language

    European Master of Arts (MA) in the teaching of German as a foreign language

  4. International Conference "Literacies and effective learning and teaching for all"

    century approach to writing study of the kind of knowledge or know-how writing is and how to facilitate its literacy is concerned as far as improving the literacy skills of students is concerned - the differences They may draw from any discipline able to throw light on how to build literacy skills linguistics psychology project is a three-year study of 200 students writing at Dartmouth College in the US. She is a member It will be chaired by Brigitte Marin. The conference aims to exchange theory research curricular developments The call for proposals Conference programme Practical information

  5. Journée d'études "comment favoriser la motivation et l'autonomie dans le cadre de l'enseignement des LVE ? "

    provide concrete examples to show how it is possible to combine the achievement of pre-determined institutional who want to foswter the autonomy of their students the question I am most frequently asked is whether plurilingualism agency identity and the world outside the classroom The Common European Framework of Reference plurilingual approach to language education defining plurilingualism as a communicative competence to which all knowledge interrelate and interact . One of the defining characteristics of plurilinguals is that they can use their various

  6. Lieu du symposium

    access to all accommodations necessary to work and share in the context of ISEL. Choosing the Jouvence determined by the different packages proposed by the center complete housing . The formula chosen for the Symposium For organisational reasons and to facilitate scientific interaction it is therefore necessary that participants The Symposium will take place at Jouvence a resort located in Magog near Sherbrooke Quebec Canada . Jouvence this location research professionals will be able to enjoy an exceptional natural setting lake forest

  7. Est-ce vraiment un atout d'être bilingue ?

    The conversation - © Shutterstock Marne UPEC Cet article est republié à partir de The Conversation. Lire l article original. Université Paris-Est Créteil, republié à partir de The conversation. Université Paris-Est Créteil, republié à partir de The conversation. The conversation - © Shutterstock

  8. Présentation du SILE 2015

    invite us to consider the importance and the variety of the teaching methods implemented by the teacher environment to the potential development of young readers and writers is highlighted by the quality of now possible to begin to link classroom practices to research outcomes. Studies on the development of practices which in turn promote the development of the complex skills involved in the development of literacy in order to help students progress within a rich and quality environment. The importance of the socio-cultural

  9. CANAC Sophie

    I. 2016 . Exploring the mastery of French students in using basic notions of the language of chemistry ordinary teaching practices about the introduction of chemical formulas to determine teachers' needs. Présenté Canac S. Kermen I. 2017 . How French students understand basic notions of the language of chemistry In september. Canac S. Kermen I. 2016 . How French students use the language of chemistry. Présenté à ECRICE Kermen I. 2019 . Development of a resource for the teaching of chemical formulas and its appropriation

  10. Soumettre une communication

    demonstration of the communication s contribution to the advancement of knowledge in relation to one of the four 2015. In order to ensure the quality of the program all proposals will be subject to a rigorous evaluation by the scientific committee. Papers presented at the symposium will be organized according to the four communications The organizing committee invites researchers to submit proposals in line with the aim of ISEL institution s of the author s postal address and an e-mail An abstract of 150 to 200 words including the research