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International Conference "Literacies and effective learning and teaching for all"

Publié le 19 septembre 2012 Mis à jour le 9 mars 2018
Colloque IAIMTE
11-13 June 2013
June, the 10th : Ph D pre conference

IAIMTE organizes its 9th International Symposium "Literacies and effective learning and teaching for all 'in collaboration with Université Paris-Est Creteil (UPEC) and IUFM. It will be chaired by Brigitte Marin.

The conference aims to exchange theory, research, curricular developments, and 'best practices' in education (at all levels, ranging from early childhood to higher education), teacher education and in service.

The exchanges and interactions offer an international platform for language and education practitioners and researchers – including Ph.D. candidates – to present their research on L1 education in their particular national, educational and school contexts to a truly international audience.

Literacies as a subject of reflection
For the 2013 conference, we are particularly interested in issues of teaching and learning in relation with literacy. The achievement of students assessed on an international basis (PISA for fifteen years old students, PIRLS for primary school students in their fourth year at school) have got the attention of managers, teachers and researchers on two major issues:
- the difference among systems and practices when effectiveness in improving literacy is concerned, as far as improving the literacy skills of students is concerned;
- the differences among systems and practices when equity is concerned: in some cases, the gap between pupils may deepen, while in other cases, teaching practices may boost skilled pupils as well as underachievers.

These inquiries also shed light on the various ways of determining effectiveness and equity in teaching practices from one country to another.

In this 2013 conference, we will especially focus on effective teaching and learning, on attainment levels, on what students, teachers, schools and the educational system as a whole must achieve. We strive to a research based discussion on effective instruction. And, as always, we will welcome any contribution related with literacy.

Researchers may deal with any school level (primary, secondary schools and higher education), with teachers’ education, with lifelong learning. They may draw from any discipline able to throw light on how to build literacy skills: linguistics, psychology, philosophy, sociology, literature...
The focus may be on teaching practices, even on professional skills of teachers, or on how students deal with their learning tasks and the reasons why they fail or succeed.
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Researchers, teachers, students and doctoral students from around the world.

Keynote speakers

Prof. Christiane Donahue, Director of the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric (Institute for Writing and Rhetoric), Dartmouth Colle, Hanover, NH USA.
Professor Donahue's general research themes include: cross-cultural analysis of student writing (in particular intertextuality, voice, and genre); translinguality as a 21st century approach to writing; study of the kind of knowledge or know-how writing is and how to facilitate its transfer across contexts and disciplines; effective research methods for studying college-level writing acquisition. Her current project is a three-year study of 200 students writing at Dartmouth College in the US. She is a member of Théodile-CIREL at Université de Lille III.

Prof. Bernard Schneuwly, Professor of Language Education at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Geneva.
Professor Schneuwly's general research themes include: Development of written language in a didactic perspective, methods for teaching oral and written expression, conceptualisation of subjects to be taught in a French language class (creative writing, grammar, literature), relationships between teaching and learning in a historic and cultural point of view (spoken and written language), history of French language teaching (spoken and written language), of didactics and of educational theory.

Abstract proposal

Acceptances communications will be notified on 1 March 2013.
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September 15, 2012 to April 1, 2013

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Faculté des sciences économiques et de gestion - Centre Mail des Mèches
Université Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC)
61, avenue du Général de Gaulle - 94000 Créteil
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Brigitte MARIN

International Association for the Improvement of Mother Tongue Education (IAIMTE)
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