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  1. CREPIN-OBERT Patricia

    Epistemological and comparative study about fossil between classroom discussion and historical controversies In workshop Epistémology and didactic . International Conference Tribute to Michèle Artigue . 31 mai 2011b . Science learnings and debates on past biodiversity in primary school and in history of sciences

  2. WORMS Rym

    randomly truncated data co-auteur J.Worms Statistics and Probability Letters Volume 109 106-117 2016 New estimators Worms 2013 Communications in Statistics Theory and Methods Volume 44 Issue 15 3289-3302 accepté en 2013 Julien Worms 2011 Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 141 8 2011 p 2769-2786 Estimation of second Moments co-auteur Julien Worms 2012 ESAIM Probability and Statistics 16 2012 97-113 Responsabilités Scientifiques

  3. Edition d'ouvrages ou de numéros de revue - Année 2016

    Robène L. 2016 . Sport and violence Rethinking Elias. London Routledge Taylor and Francis group coll. Sport Historical perspectives. https www.routledge.com Sport-and-Violence-Rethinking-Elias Bodin-Robene p book 9781138213005

  4. Programme EMEE : Premières publications "Toolkit Manuals"

    Toolkit 3 Bridging the gap. Activation participation and role modification Cette publication traite du développement participation des visiteurs. Toolkit 5 Social Web and Interaction Cette publication montre que les outils

  5. JOURNET Emilie

    Formenti and A. Zakou. Chemical properties of rain events during AMMA campaign an evidence of dust and biogenic des travaux Publications Journet E. Balkanski Y. and Harrison S. P. A new data set of soil mineralogy 15293 2010. Journet E. A matter of mineralogy News and views Nature Geoscience 2 317 318 2009. Journet E

  6. BERKANI Mounira

    Berkani S. Lefebvre Z. Khatir Saturation Current and On-Resistance Correlation during During Repetitive Reliability of power converter based-MOSFET under normal and extreme conditions for 24V battery applications Microelectronics Richardeau Z. Khatir S. Lefebvre M.Berkani Ageing and Failure Modes of IGBT Modules in High Temperature A. Bouzourene. Comparison study on performances and robustness between SiC MOSFET JFET devices Abilities Reliability of Electron Devices Failure Physics and Analysis 30 Septembre-04 Octobre 2013 Arcachon France

  7. Les contrats de Recherche

    Pontoise En savoir plus Inclusive education and social support to tackle inequalities in society. Objectif personal fulfilment active citizenship social inclusion and employability in the knowledge society of the 21st performance as revealed by international surveys led to the adoption in 2009 of an EU-wide benchmark in basic with insufficient abilities in reading mathematics and science should be less than 15 . Resp. Bastiaan Heeren

  8. GRUET Brice

    experience and oblivion intervention dans le colloque The Intricacy of Walking and the City Methods and Experiments 2011. The Eyewitness the 1538 Monte Nuovo eruption and its consequences intervention dans la table ronde Urban Coastal Areas du colloque Encounters of Sea and Land 6th European Society of Environment History

  9. CALLEN Delphine

    The emergence and evolution of gated communities in suburban landscapes local contexts and path dependency dependency. Comparing French and US long-term of private enclaves in UDUKU O. BAGAEEN S. Gated Communities Communities Social sustainability in contemporary and historical gated developments London Routledge. CALLEN D. Communications CALLEN D. 2013 Planned Unit Developments and the Compact suburbia in the Paris Metropolitan Region

  10. BINISTI Patrick

    novembre 2016 Call Send SMS Call from mobile Add to Skype You'll need Skype CreditFree via Skype