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  1. Publications dans des colloques - Année 2017

    teaching pratices when implemented The French Vigie-Nature Ecole program of citizen science. Colloque international symposium international sur la litéracie à l école Acts of the international symposium for educational literacy organized by the research group Performing Premodernity Performing modernity Rousseau and the Theatre Political-Aesthetic musician spectator Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment 2017 139-156. Plagnol M-E. 2017 . Marge

  2. Publications dans des colloques - Année 2019

    Heuvel-Panhuizen M. Veldhuis dir. Proceedingd of the Eleventh Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Heuvel-Panhuizen M. Veldhuis. dir. . Proceedings of the Eleventh Congress of the European Society for Research in Mathematics Ouvrier-Buffet C. 2019 . Diagnosis tools of dyscalculia contribution of didactics of mathematics to numerical cognition issue of connectivity. In S. Rezat L. Fan M. Hattermann J. Schumacher H. Wuschke dir. Proceedings of the Simone M. Grugeon-Allys B. 2019 . Large Scale Analysis of Teachers Assessment Practices in Mathematics. In

  3. DE MONTGOLFIER Sandrine

    58 N 58 35-52 Communications How the integration of new technologies of sequencing in oncology services philosophy-of-cancer-biology-workshop Feedback on professional experiences on the disclosure of genetic European Society of human Genetic. Session EMPAG EPL2 - The Implication for Families of Various Genetic professionals. European Journal of human genetic. European Journal of Human Genetics. Volume 26 pages786 to confusion on origin of cancer treatment strategy and prevention. Philosophy of Cancer Biology Workshop

  4. Venir étudier à l'Inspé

    en anglais Master MEEF 1er degré 1ère année list of courses Master MEEF 2nd degré parcours Allemand ouverture M1 MEEF1 - List of courses

  5. CHAPUIS Amandine

    Chapuis A. 2017 Touring the immoral. Affective geographies of visitors to the Amsterdam Red-Light district 2014 Gender labour and the new spirit of capitalism. Feminist geographies of modern dance workers Royal Hancock C. 2018 Banlieusard.e.sclaiming a right to the City of Light gendered violence and spatial politics in Paris Citiesnuméro thématique Gendering the right to the city coordonné par Elena Vacchelli et Eleonore sex gender and crossed resistances Association of the American Geographers Annual Meeting Chicago avril

  6. NéOPRÆVAL : Nouveaux Outils pour de nouvelles PRAtiques d'EVALuation et d'enseignement des mathématiques

    New assessment tools for new practices of teaching mathematics

  7. HOROKS Julie

    communications in PME38 38th Conference of the International Group for Psychology of the Mathematics Education Vancouver Potential effects of an initiation to research on the professional development of teachers. short oral to highlight task-activity relationships. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education 10 4-6 279-287. Communications teachers through research. TWG 18 in CERME9 9th Congress of European Research on Mathematics Education Prague pupils' learning in mathematics TSG31 in ICME12 The 12th International Congress on Mathematical Education

  8. BERNARD Alain

    juin. About the nature and purpose of late antique mathematics the case of Theon's commentary on Ptolemy's philosophical preface to the Almagest. History of Mathematics through the study of textual sources. Athènes Making Sense of Theon's Conception of Mathematics and Astronomy Preliminary Remarks About the Context . John Scarborough Eds. Oxford Handbook of Science and Medicine in the Classical World Oxford. New York Oxford Workshop The Philosophy of Ptolemy and its Greek Arabic and Hebrew Reception Georgetown Univ. 2016 juin

  9. JOURNET Emilie

    Journet Variability of dust iron solubility in atmospheric waters Investigation of the role of oxalate organic properties of rain events during AMMA campaign an evidence of dust and biogenic influence in the convective E. Balkanski Y. and Harrison S. P. A new data set of soil mineralogy for dust-cycle modeling Atmos. Chem Chem. Phys 10 15263 15293 2010. Journet E. A matter of mineralogy News and views Nature Geoscience 2 317 Caquineau et J.L. Colin Mineralogy as a critical factor of dust iron solubility Geophys. Res. Lett. 35 L07805

  10. GRUET Brice

    through the city between experience and oblivion intervention dans le colloque The Intricacy of Walking catastrofi ed eventi eccezionali . 2011. The Eyewitness the 1538 Monte Nuovo eruption and its consequences ronde Crisis on the Border Disasters in Urban Coastal Areas du colloque Encounters of Sea and Land 6th Walking and the City Methods and Experiments colloque international Paris-Marne la Valle e 21-23 janvier 2015 6th European Society of Environment History Conference Turku Finlande 28 juin-2 juillet 2011. Ouvrages