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  1. GODFROY Anne-Sophie

    New Questions to Gender and Engineering in Research colloque international Gender and Engineering Wuppertal improve the gender balance and attract more young people in Engineering and Technology higher education International Comparisons in Science Studies what and why do we compare in Innovation The European Journal Godfroy-Genin Anne-Sophie From the doctrine of probability to the theory of probability the emergence of modern Formal Sciences VI Reasoning about Probabilities and Probabilistic Reasoning Studies in Logic p.171-188


    on Comprehension Eye Movements and Body Posture Books and Screen and the Reading Brain Vilnius University 2019 . Effects of valence and emotional intensity on the comprehension and memorization of texts in adults recordings of postural and eye movements. Journal of Experimental Psychology Learning Memory and Cognition. Communications recordings of postural and eye movements. Journal of Experimental Psychology Learning Memory and CognitionBallenghein Evidence from concurrent recordings of postural and eye movements Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology

  3. HOROKS Julie

    J. 2012 . Analysing tasks to describe teachers' practices and link them to pupils' learning in mathematics practices and student learning a case study. Mathematics classrooms. Students activities and teachers' systems from different cultures to reconceptualise classroom practice and advance educational theory Australie 162-180 Horoks J. Robert A. 2007 . Tasks designed to highlight task-activity relationships. Journal of Horoks J. 2014 . Potential effects of an initiation to research on the professional development of teachers

  4. Articles à comité de lecture publiés dans des revues indexées - Année 2018

    Middle-School Students and Relationship with Text Composition and Spelling. Reading and Writing On-line first potentials study in two reading tasks read to memorize and read to make a decision. Brain Topography 1-21 Consciousness and Affectivity. Spinoza and Vygotsky in Stasis peer-reviewed academic journal. Social and political Perceptual span visual span and visual attention span Three potential ways to quantify limits on visual Behavioral and electrophysiological investigation of speech perception deficits in silence noise and envelope

  5. CHAPUIS Amandine

    Banlieusard.e.sclaiming a right to the City of Light gendered violence and spatial politics in Paris Citiesnuméro visitors to the Amsterdam Red-Light district Urban Studies numéro thématique Sex consumption and the city Citiesnuméro thématique Gendering the right to the city coordonné par Elena Vacchelli et Eleonore Kofman Jacquot S. 2015 Tourism Gentrification sex gender and crossed resistances Association of the American Geographers Tourism gentrification. Chapuis A. 2014 Gender labour and the new spirit of capitalism. Feminist geographies

  6. Inscription au SILE 2015

    Reduced housing rates including full housing and access to outdoor activities can be considered upon request accompanying persons and children. Conjoint e et enfants de de 12 ans Spouse and children over 12 years full housing 3 nights 9 meals including a banquet and coffee-breaks *Pour les doctorants qui participent full housing 3 nights 9 meals including a banquet and coffee-breaks * For students also participating in this will include 3 nights in double rooms 10 meals and coffee-breaks. Please note that since the number

  7. Programme M3EaL

    (Multiculturalism, Migration, Mathematics, Education and Language) réunit 7 partenaires européens et a pour

  8. Publications dans des colloques - Année 2017

    et de l écriture Contributions about learning to read and write. Sherbrooke Éditions de l Université de et de l écriture Contributions about learning to read and write. Sherbrooke Éditions de l Université de lecture et l écriture Contributions about learning to read and write 120-140. Actes du symposium international Performing modernity Rousseau and the Theatre Political-Aesthetic Ideals and Practices Stockholm University Allard C. Petitfour 2017 . Learning to use protractor touch screen tablet or not Acte de colloque CERME10

  9. BOUCHON Camillia

    infants and rats. Workshop on Infant Language Development of the Basque Center on Cognition Brain and Language Peer-reviews dans Journal of Memory and Language Bilingualism Language and Cognition Cognitive Science Animal Infant Development and Evolution sous la supervision de Juan Manuel TORO au Language and Comparative Cognition Hemispheric Asymmetries in Repetition Enhancement and Suppression Effects in the Newborn Brain. PloS One Bouchon C. 2011 . The relation between perception and production in L2 phonological processing.In Proceedings

  10. PONS Xavier

    in Education Policy in France and Quebec Journal of Education Policy to be published. Changer d échelle recherche New Accountability and Governance in Education NewAge in France and Québec Observatoire sociologique role of knowledge in the construction and regulation of health and education policy in Europe . Financement 7 Citizens and governance in a knowledge based society 2006-2011 . New Accountability and Governance Hélène Buisson-Fenet School Evaluation Policies and Educating States. Trends in Four European Countries