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  1. Master MEEF 2nd degré parcours Espagnol (CAPES)

    Master MEEF 2nd degré general techno pro 22-23_pages-to-jpg-0001

  2. Master MEEF 2nd degré parcours Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre (CAPES)

    Master MEEF 2nd degré general techno pro 22-23_pages-to-jpg-0001

  3. Master MEEF 2nd degré parcours Anglais (CAPES)

    Master MEEF 2nd degré general techno pro 22-23_pages-to-jpg-0001

  4. International Conference "Literacies and effective learning and teaching for all"

    century approach to writing study of the kind of knowledge or know-how writing is and how to facilitate its They may draw from any discipline able to throw light on how to build literacy skills linguistics psychology be chaired by Brigitte Marin. The conference aims to exchange theory research curricular developments education at all levels ranging from early childhood to higher education teacher education and in service practitioners and researchers including Ph.D. candidates to present their research on L1 education in their particular

  5. COSTA François

    Electronics Intelligent Motion Renewable Energy and Energy Management Nuremberg Germany May 2016 Gnimdu Converter Using a Piezoelectric Transformer for Energy Harvesting Applications.IEEE Transactions on Power Inverse Problem-Based Resolution Method Application to Power Electronic Circuits IEEE Trans. Electromagn Lefeuvre H. Mathias and Francois Costa. Electrostatic Energy Harvesting Circuit with DC DC Convertor for Vibration of piezoelectric transformer-based DC DC converter to improve power by using heat transfer equipment Int

  6. Master MEEF 2nd degré parcours Allemand ouverture européenne (CAPES)

    Master MEEF 2nd degré general techno pro 22-23_pages-to-jpg-0001

  7. Journée d'études "comment favoriser la motivation et l'autonomie dans le cadre de l'enseignement des LVE ? "

    talk will provide concrete examples to show how it is possible to combine the achievement of pre-determined plurilingual approach to language education defining plurilingualism as a communicative competence to which all knowledge explore this connection with particular reference to agency identity and the importance of engaging learners learner autonomy When working with teachers who want to foswter the autonomy of their students the question working with students at all levels from beginners to advanced. Les enregistrements des intervenants sont

  8. SCHMITT Nicolas

    scale to filter scale 10th International Symposium on Ceramic Materials and Components for Energy and Environmental

  9. CANAC Sophie

    practices about the introduction of chemical formulas to determine teachers' needs. Présenté à ECRICE 2018 first use of a history of science-based resource to introduce basic concepts of chemistry. Poster présenté Année 2017 Internationales Canac S. Kermen I. 2017 . How French students understand basic notions of the language Barcelona 7-10 september. Canac S. Kermen I. 2016 . How French students use the language of chemistry. Présenté

  10. DE MONTGOLFIER Sandrine

    Communications How the integration of new technologies of sequencing in oncology services leads to confusion Montgolfier S. Supporting disclosure of genetic information to family members professional practice and timelines experiences on the disclosure of genetic information to family members in France . European Society of human