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  1. Programme EMEE : Activité 7, "Bridging the gap to the non-visitors"

    ee-toolkits-from-object-lab-object-as-laboratory-to-text-lab-text-as-laboratory-a-vietnamese-journey Programme EMEE : Activité 7, "Bridging the gap to the non-visitors"

  2. International Conference "Literacies and effective learning and teaching for all"

    century approach to writing study of the kind of knowledge or know-how writing is and how to facilitate its They may draw from any discipline able to throw light on how to build literacy skills linguistics psychology improving literacy is concerned as far as improving the literacy skills of students is concerned - the differences effectiveness and equity in teaching practices from one country to another. In this 2013 conference we will especially project is a three-year study of 200 students writing at Dartmouth College in the US. She is a member

  3. COSTA François

    Electronics Intelligent Motion Renewable Energy and Energy Management Nuremberg Germany May 2016 Gnimdu Converter Using a Piezoelectric Transformer for Energy Harvesting Applications.IEEE Transactions on Power Inverse Problem-Based Resolution Method Application to Power Electronic Circuits IEEE Trans. Electromagn Lefeuvre H. Mathias and Francois Costa. Electrostatic Energy Harvesting Circuit with DC DC Convertor for Vibration of piezoelectric transformer-based DC DC converter to improve power by using heat transfer equipment Int

  4. Journée d'études "comment favoriser la motivation et l'autonomie dans le cadre de l'enseignement des LVE ? "

    autonomy is compatible with curricular goals. My talk will provide concrete examples to show how it is possible plurilingual approach to language education defining plurilingualism as a communicative competence to which all knowledge interrelate and interact . One of the defining characteristics of plurilinguals is that they can use their who want to foswter the autonomy of their students the question I am most frequently asked is whether explore this connection with particular reference to agency identity and the importance of engaging learners

  5. Inscription au SILE 2015

    note that since the number of particpants is limited it is highly recommended that you register before note that since the number of particpants is limited it is highly recommended that you register before 2015. We cannot guarantee places after the first wave of registrations. Registration fees include* Registration 2015. We cannot guarantee places after the first wave of registrations. Conjoints accompagnateurs et enfants Reduced housing rates including full housing and access to outdoor activities can be considered upon request

  6. Master MEEF 2nd degré parcours Allemand ouverture européenne (CAPES)

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  7. Master MEEF 2nd degré parcours Documentation (CAPES)

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  8. Présentation du SILE 2015

    writing makes it now possible to begin to link classroom practices to research outcomes. Studies on the socio-cultural environment to the potential development of young readers and writers is highlighted by the quality and the support practices to help them progress Contribution of technology to supporting reading and writing contact with different genres of writings in order to help students progress within a rich and quality students. These interactions during learning invite us to consider the importance and the variety of the teaching

  9. Soumettre une communication

    communication s contribution to the advancement of knowledge in relation to one of the four themes proposed invites researchers to submit proposals in line with the aim of ISEL 2015. In order to ensure the quality according to the four themes of the scientific program. A special part of this second edition of ISEL is reserved Contributors to be considered for this publication will be notified in the fall of 2015 more details to come quality of the program all proposals will be subject to a rigorous evaluation process conducted by the scientific

  10. Master MEEF 2nd degré parcours Physique-chimie (CAPES)

    <a _linktype="interne" href="[id-fiche]lien;1347551690952;0[/id-fiche]#KLINK">Laboratoire de Didactique