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  1. Journée d'études "comment favoriser la motivation et l'autonomie dans le cadre de l'enseignement des LVE ? "

    agency identity and the world outside the classroom The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages identity and the importance of engaging learners in target language use that takes them beyond the immediate immediate context of learning. It will conclude by briefly considering the implications of the argument for foswter the autonomy of their students the question I am most frequently asked is whether or not the development experience of language contributes and in which languages interrelate and interact . One of the defining

  2. Lieu du symposium

    determined by the different packages proposed by the center complete housing . The formula chosen for the Symposium accommodations necessary to work and share in the context of ISEL. Choosing the Jouvence site implies special arrangements is therefore necessary that participants be present for entire duration of the Symposium. Plan Map Agrandir Symposium is that of a thematic course. Over a 3-day period researchers will work together in a common setting The Symposium will take place at Jouvence a resort located in Magog near Sherbrooke Quebec Canada . Jouvence

  3. Articles dans des revues non indexées avec comité de lecture ou sans comité de lecture - Revues d'interface - Année 2016

    and Memoirs the Case of Madame de Genlis in C. Trotot N. Meeker dir. Women s portraits of the self. Representing Morin M-F. 2016 . New handwriting technologies how the tablet screen surface affects students graphomotor

  4. CALLEN Delphine

    CALLEN D. 2010 The production of suburban residential developments in the urban region of Paris international Developments and the Compact suburbia in the Paris Metropolitan Region 1960s-2000s Association of American Geographers collectifs LE GOIX R. CALLEN D. 2009 The emergence and evolution of gated communities in suburban landscapes path dependency. Comparing French and US long-term of private enclaves in UDUKU O. BAGAEEN S. Gated Communities international vs. local production strategies Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting April 14-18 2010

  5. Appels à communications : Colloque "Penser les nouvelles problématiques éducatives dans un perspective internationale"

    English - Considering the new educational issues from an international perspective English - Considering the new educational issues from an international perspective

  6. DyTO : Dynamique des Traitements Orthographiques

    Dynamics of Orthographic Processing

  7. Les conférences du SILE 2015

    Keynotes of ISEL 2015 take part in the communications and conferences to produce a general recap at the end of the symposium Carole Caravolas - Professeure à Professor at University of Bangor Royaume-Uni United Kingdom Monique Sénéchal

  8. BEAULIEU Anne

    Beaulieu Some remarks on the linearized operator about the radial solution for the Ginzburg-Landau equation for a semilinear equation Proceedings of the Royal society of Edinburgh 141 A 2011 1-12. G.Allain A.Beaulieu Beaulieu An a priori estimate for the singly periodic solutions of a semilinear equation Asymptotic Analysis résumant le thème Periodic solutions Asymptotic behavior of solutions Semi linear elliptic equations. Liste sélective 1079-1119. G.Allain A.Beaulieu Singly periodic solutions of a semilinear equation Annales de l'IHP Analyse non

  9. CANAC Sophie

    2016 . Exploring the mastery of French students in using basic notions of the language of chemistry. Chemistry Kermen I. 2017 . How French students understand basic notions of the language of chemistry In S. Markic Canac S. Kermen I. 2019 . Development of a resource for the teaching of chemical formulas and its appropriation Design and first use of a history of science-based resource to introduce basic concepts of chemistry. Poster september. Canac S. Kermen I. 2016 . How French students use the language of chemistry. Présenté à ECRICE 2016

  10. BOUCHON Camillia

    Hochmann J-R. Toro J-M. The early emergence of the consonant bias by the end of the first year in Spanish J-M. The origins of the consonant bias in word recognition the case of Spanish-learning infants The 42th Bouchon C. Toro J-M. The origins of the Consonant bias in word recognition The case of Spanish-learning infants C. Toro J-M. The emergence of the consonant bias in Spanish learners in the first year of life. Budapest processing when learning words the case of bilingual infants. International Journal of Behavioral Development