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  1. ADEN Joëlle

    Bilingualism.Bilingualism multiligualism and the new speaker. University of Limerick Ireland. 11-15 june 2017. scientifique pour la partie franc aise de l e tude The role of empathy in second language education exploring International contexts theoretical perspectives models of practice. Clevedon Multilingual Matters. Aden J. Convention CREN Université du maine OISE Ontario Institute of Secondary Education Université de Toronto. Financement Audras Univ. du maine Maria PAVLOVSKAYA Activite s the a trales pour les enfants bilingues franc ais-russe

  2. Colloque Literacies and effective learning and teaching for all

    research about effective instruction of university literacies in the 21st century Pr. Bernard Schneuwly

  3. APARICIO Xavier

    Drai-Zerbib V. Baccino T. 2021 . Evolution of comprehension performances of expository texts in French language Mégalakaki A. Robert A. Baccino T. 2016 . The impact of paper-based versus computerized presentation your tongue Effects of language switching on film reception. International Journal of Multilingualism 13 languages Effects of language dominance and language repetition. International Journal of Multilingualism children from 2nd to 9th grade. Scientific Studies of Reading. http dx.doi.org 10.1080 10888438.2021.1983819

  4. FORTIN Corinne

    In SHS Web of Conferences Vol. 21 p. 01004 . EDP Sciences. FORTIN C. 2014 . The theory of evolution in schools some teaching issues Handbook of Evolutionary Thinking in the Sciences Heams Th. Huneman P. Lecointre 2011 . Integrated Teaching of Science and Technology in France an example of a cooperative teaching. European La Nature de la biologie de l'évolution NoS Nature of Science - La nature de la causalité dans l enseignement

  5. BERKANI Mounira

    Bontemps S. Cadel E. Effect of die metallization layer ageing in the case of power semiconductor devices Labrousse S. Lefebvre Z. Khatir Ph. Dupuy Reliability of power converter based-MOSFET under normal and extreme Berkani Z. Khatir A. Ibrahim A. Bouzourene Robustness of 1.2 kV SiC MOSFET devices Microelectronics Reliability Khatir S. Lefebvre M.Berkani Ageing and Failure Modes of IGBT Modules in High Temperature Power Cycling IEEE devices European journal of electrical engineering 2011 Communications M. Berkani-Bouarroudj S. Lefebvre Z

  6. Articles à comité de lecture publiés dans des revues indexées - Année 2018

    on a tablet screen Role of visual and proprioceptive feedback in the control of movement by children and Moving scenes the circulation of music and theatre in Europe 1700 1815 Studies on the Enlightenment Oxford Behavioral and electrophysiological investigation of speech perception deficits in silence noise and envelope Which sensory reweighting during childhood . Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 166 621-634. Morin russe traduite par Alexia Garadzhi . p. 384-417 View of Consciousness and Affectivity Spinoza and Vygotsky

  7. Programme EMEE : Premières publications "Toolkit Manuals"

    de l'Europe multiculturelle. Toolkit 3 Bridging the gap. Activation participation and role modification européens. Toolkit Sketchbook 4 Synaesthetic translation of perspectives Ce document propose des idées au sujet

  8. RENARD Estelle

    From Design of Bio-Based Biocomposite Electrospun Scaffolds to Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Properties of Degradable Poly 3-hydroxyalkanoates for Biomedical Applications In Surface Modification of Biopolymers Valérie Langlois Harnessing Biopolyesters in the Design of Functional and Nanostructured Architectures Hybrid networks derived from isosorbide by means of thiol ene photoaddition and sol gel chemistry Polymer 1563-1575 Communications Macromolecular engineering of poly 3-hydroxyalkanoate s D. Grande E. Renard V.

  9. Articles dans des revues à comité de lecture - Année 2015

    minor mode online conversations of Black youth of West African descent in the Paris region. African and Black critical look at the evaluation of an experiment in French schools. International Journal of Humanities Social in Visual Word Recognition by Trilinguals. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research 44 6 669-838. Belkacem

  10. CREPIN-OBERT Patricia

    teaching pratices when implemented The French Vigie-Nature Ecole program of citizen science. Colloque international nature commentées par Gerhardt Stenger. University of Oxford Voltaire Foundation. 335-349. http www.voltaire past biodiversity in primary school and in history of sciences. Colloque international ESERA_European Science